Aaron Carter’s family worried

Aaron Carter’s family, including his famous brother Nick, are worried about him, according to a source. Conferring to the source, Nick “really wants to help Aaron,” but the 29-year-old singer “doesn’t want anyone’s help.”

As previously reported, the “Sooner or Later” crooner was detained on suspicion of driving under the influence and for ownership of marijuana on Saturday, a week ago. This happened in Georgia. Aaron was with his girlfriend, Madison Parker, at the time. He has since the happening claimed that he wasn’t behind the wheel at the time of his arrest and that police took advantage of his celebrity status.

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“The whole Carter family is concerned for Aaron. They’re worried,” the source tells.

Nick tweeted at Aaron after his arrest, offering his care. Aaron hit back in a statement on Monday, July 17, stating that Nick should have called him as an alternative of using such a public social media to contact him.

“Nick doesn’t have his phone number. Aaron blocks everyone and changes his number so none of his family can get in touch with him,” the source. “He changes his number a lot.”

Aaron, however, denies that Nick doesn’t have his number.

In a new statement from yesterday, Aaron says that yes, he’s changed his number before, but that his brother most definitely has his digits.

“I change my number often for security issues and in attempt to have a calm and less stressful life overall,” he tells. “Many often don’t respect that, but my current team does. Regarding Nick’s tweet and Lauren’s, they have the number I have now and weren’t blocked. Moving on.”

Aaron talked about his arrest during an expressive interview with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, July 18. During the tear-filled sit-down, the singer explained that he doesn’t drink because of a medical condition and that he has a license to obtain marijuana, which he uses to treat nervousness, chronic pain and to boost his appetite.

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