Are Grampa and Grandma Instagrammers?

Kim Kardashian is one of the undisputable queens of Instagram. 65.5 million people know everything about her because of the pictures she uploads to her Instagram account. It seems that everybody is tuned in and knows the last bit of information about her. Everyone? There are surely some that don’t know. Possibly they don’t even know what Instagram is.

We’re talking about elder people. Grandparents who didn’t know what Instagram or even the Internet was, but had to learn it forcefully because they couldn’t help seeing everyone around them obsessed with them. “Instagram is where my daughter posts the pictures of meatballs I make for mer.” “My kids and grandkids have Internet and they can only learn barbaric things there. They’re losing their lives instead of gaining anything.”

One of the pictures shown to the elders One of the pictures shown to the elders

About Kim Kardashian, when shown some pictures of her, some Spanish seniors said some things like the following:

“She’s a little too broad on her waist, but that’s OK” (Carlos, 82).

“Back on my day every woman would wear long skirts around the village. Now they gladly show a little more skin. I love that” (Laura, 80).

“Have her parents seen these pictures?” (Andrés, 76).

“Oh my God” (María Paz, 81).

Everything has been revealed by a Spanish newspaper which wanter to know the opinions of old people regarding specific Instagram photos. The ones you read above were about a very hot picture Kim Kardashian uploaded. She was fully naked on it, but covering her body with two black stripes.

Every photo they were shown depicted Kim Kardashian. They didn’t like how – in their opinion – Kim showed herself in a very suggestive way. Too sexy, they said. But it’s normal. When they grew up, it wasn’t so normal that a woman would show her body proudly, as Kim does.

Two different points of view which are more than 70 years apart.


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