Barbie Mocks Humanitarian Toursts on Instagram

Barbie is surely the most active doll to have ever been created. Since its appearance in 1959, she’s had a ton of jobs, has lived in a thousand different places,has traveled the world, has been viewed as a feminist and anti-feminist icon, and has starred campaigns in real life and on the Internet. It became famous in Instagram, where it has been taking hipster pictures or recreating famous murders. Now, she’s here to denounce humanitarian tourism.

The account in question, @barbiesavior, was created no longer than six weeks ago. “Jesus. Adventures. Africa. Two worlds. One love. Babies. Beauty. Not qualified. Called. 20 years young. It’s not about me…but it kind of is.” That’s how the profile introduces itself to the audience. It is, although it doesn’t seem so, inspired in reality. This Barbie doll works for a made-up NGO which provides water for local people; then, she is caught in pictures, but she doesn’t even notice (kind of an “I’m not a model, I swear!”).

"Just taking a #slumfie amidst this dire poverty and need. Feeling so #blessed and #thankful that I have so much more than this and don't have to live this way!" “Just taking a #slumfie amidst this dire poverty and need. Feeling so #blessed and #thankful that I have so much more than this and don’t have to live this way!”

The main purpose of this account is to denounce the situation some Westerners are creating in Africa. In this account, Barbie is an egotistic, self-caring woman, with no real interest for the people she’s supposed to help. On a picture where she’s standing in front of a wall, the caption says:

Who needs a formal education to teach in Africa? Not me! All I need is some chalk and a dose of optimism. It’s so sad that they don’t have enough trained teachers here. I’m not trained either, but I’m from the West, so it all works out. Good morning, class!!

The real thing this account seems to be saying is: “Stop trivializing humanitarism, stop trivializing  the lives of those in trouble. Instagram is not the place to see that you’re such a good person, that you care. That’s why this account exists.

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