Disney Secrets Exposed by Instagram User

Instagram users have a lot of different hobbies. Obviously, when you have a user community of four hundred million people, you’ll end up learning something new everyday. That, of course, depends on who you follow. If you follow a library, you’ll learn about books; if you follow Seph Lawless (@sephlawless) you’ll learn about Disney – and their dark secrets.

Lawless is a photojournalist from Ohio working for The Huffington Post who earns a life by taking pictures. The latest ones he uploaded to his Instagram profile are an uncanny mixture of childhood memories and creepiness. They depict Discovery Island and River Country to Disney-related theme parks that have been closed since 1999 and 2001, respectively.

Would you say that was once a Disney theme park? Would you say that was once a Disney theme park?

Discovery Island was a part of the Disney World theme park that opened in 1974. Being in Bay Lake, FL, it was opened in 1974. Guests could go there if they were in Disney World and see the many animals and birds that were around. River Country was a water park opened in 1976. Rather than because the death of a child in 1989 – caused by an amoeba – the park was closed after the 9/11 attacks reduced the visitor flow to every Disney park.

Now, Lawless set up a drone expedition to take pictures and see what both parks look like 15 years after being closed. The island, according to him, is strictly watched. It’s supposed that the nearer you can be is 50 feet. That’s why he took the pictures using a flying drone. What he aims to do is to make Disney aware that they are wasting a great opportunity, and that they should clean and fix both places so that they can be opened again.

Supposedly, the parks were closed because the fireworks they used would have polluted both places. Now all we can do is be astonished and speculate.

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