Fuck Jerry, Beige Cardigan—New Instagram Kardashians?

Having nearly eight million followers altogether when you’re not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seems like an unaccomplishable task. Elliot Tebele and Jessica Anteby,aka Fuck Jerry (@fuckjerry) and Beige Cardigan (@jessicaanteby) are among those social media stars who are gaining more and more popularity. They’re two New York youths, and they’ve managed to combine humor and style, crazy and jocular comments. Thanks to this, they’ve become popular on Instagram, which serves as a showcase and business center.

Everything started five yars ago, when Elliot Tebele opened a Tumblr account in an attempt to organize the thousand pictures he’d been storing in his computer. Add some funny texts and an appealing nom de plume (“Fuck Jerry,” which Tebele came up with while he was watching Seinfeld) and voilà!

One of the latest pictures posted by Fuck Jerry One of the latest pictures posted by Fuck Jerry

Being only some months old, Fuck Jerry was being followed by stars such as Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry and so on, while his comments on the Kardashians or on the animal kindgom were constantly praised and gained him more followers. That’s when he decided to create an Instagram profile – he also quit college around the same time, thinking of Instagram as a business.

That’s when Fuck Jerry met Jessica Anteby, a fashion student who used to make a life as a stylist. Apart from being together in life, they started being together on Instagram. Anteby created a “feminine version of Fuck Jerry in 2014, called Beige Cardigan. Last summer, they got married, They became a full-time Power Couple – those couples of the Internet era who can either appear on Forbes or on Vanity Fair, who are making the American dream true thanks to a very powerful tool – the Internet and, especially, social media.

What will be their next step? Surely it may appear on Time – or on Mad, we can’t really know.

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