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Game of Thrones is famou – apart from the fact that George R. R. Martin kills everything that walks on two legs – because of its trepidant stories, sexual tensions, dragons and  – last but not least – because of the many characters that have appeared both in the novels and in the TV series. One of them, called “The Mountain that Rides” or simply “The Mountain,” is renowned because of his size. He wasn’t called “The Mountain” in vain.

If a character is big, the actor or actress that plays them should normally be as big as the writer has imagined. Maybe that’s why they chose Hafbor Júlíus Björnsson to play The Mountain. “A very tall man, surprisingly fast for his weight and extremely strong.” That’s the definition Bronn gives of The Mountain, but he could be defining Björnsson himself.

A picture uploaded by Björnsson, together with his diet A picture uploaded by Björnsson, together with his diet

In order to keep his 400-pound weight, he must have 12,000 calories per day, and he’s admitted that on his Instagram account (@thorbjornsson).  While a healthy adult’s daily calory intake should be about 2,000-2,500 calories, he eats in one day the amount of nutrients others would in a week. But he’s now eating Twinkies all day – he knows that, in order to keep his weight and prevent many of his pounds from turning into just fat, he must have and impressive amount of potein, in order to gain back what he loses every day on his gym sessions, which normally last for hours and hours.

After publishing his diet on his profile, Björnsson has recommended people not to try it! He knows it’s a lot, and it wouldn’t be healthy for a smaller person to eat one week’s worth of food in just one day. Björnsson is preparing to become the world’s strongest man in the world. At this pace, he certainly will do it.

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