Gym Selfies on Instagram – Encouraging or Depressing?

One of the most common things we see on Instagram is pictures of people at the gym. The hashtag #fitspo (an abbreviation of ‘fitness inspiration’) covers nearly 30 million pictures in the most popular image-related social network in the world. It is nothing but the proof that people are increasingly more aware of their fitness and their diet. But does this have a good or a negative effect on the user who isn’t so fond of working out?

Maybe if you have taken two fried eggs, bacon, sausages and scrambled eggs for breakfast it isn’t the best option to look at. Even if you do work out, you may feel upset because you don’t have branded sportsclothes or a personal trainer, or simply because you sweat when you are at the gym. The image Instagram sells of a perfect body and of an “effortless” way to achieve it is absolutely false.

There'salways a motivating side of fitness, but sometimes things don't seem to be alright There’salways a motivating side of fitness, but sometimes things don’t seem to be alright

Fitness selfies are thus regarded as an innecesary pressure imposed on people, especially millenials, who are the ones most exposed to social networks. Let’s take an example – Khloe Kardashian. She’s been working out since a long time ago, and she looks fantastic. Every day, apart from choosing a routine to follow, she also chooses the outfit she’s going to wear during the day. Rows and rows of colorful sneakers and leggings are shown once and again on Khloe’s profile.

That’s the point. How is someone going to get the motivation to work out if they start comparing what they have –say, a pair of sneakers and two sportsuits–with the tens of sneakers Khloe Kardashian keeps in her wardrobe?

The point is, don’t try to imitate what you see on Instagram. Take a pinch from here and there and goat your own pace. Not getting obsessed and being aware of what you’re achieving is also important. Then you can post what you’ve done on Instagram.

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