Has Instagram Reshapen the Fashion World?

Instagram has definitely had an influence on the fashion world. Eva Chen, a French former journalist, who once managed associations between Instagram and fashion companies, and Camille Charrière, a French-British influencer, have held a discussion framed by the Vogue Fashion Festival, and have shared their opinions on the role social mediahave in the current fashion world. What conclusion have they come to? Instagram is a powerful tool – and a powerful constraint – in the fashion world.

How will Instagram and social media influence the fashion world?
How will Instagram and social media influence the fashion world?

Until very recently, fashion was strictly related to the finished product, to pieces of clothing themselves. However, thanks to Instagram, it’s now possible to tell a story from the beginning to the end. Last September, when Maria Grazia Chiuri presented her first collection for Dior, she used Instagram Stories to share each step of the process with users, everything before no one saw the actual finished clothes. What used to be an inscrutable world has suddenly opened its doors to users all over the world.

Chen says that one of the best features of Instagram is that brands can advertise their products directly to over 500 million users. No matter if you’re a brand or an individual, it’s important to find your own voice. Differences between personal and brand accounts associated to the same company – comparing, for instance, Mark Jacobs’ account with the Marc Jacobs’ company account – are interesting to see.

Then we have influencers, who have also become very popular. They’re, according to Charrière, people who love to share their own or others’ contents. Instagram understood their importance, and let them get to new audiences through sponsorised posts. However, it’s vital for influencers to stay true to themselves, and they must learn to be selective.

Also, hashtags can tell the fashion world where to go. Before coming to discuss, Charrière looked at the #VogueFashionFestival hashtag. “In order to decide what to wear today.”


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