How Instagram Can Help Your Business

Could someone get rich by selling bad-quality sodas on a beach full of thirsty people? Of course they could. If they don’t, it’s because the product is not promoted, but if they get shown, if everyone sees them, even though they are bad-quality ones, they’ll get sold.

Social networks work in the same way, especially Instagram, where most users are willing to receive no matter which kind of information. This makes it one of the best tools to conect with followers – it’s more visual than instructive and very easy to use. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” we say, and this is particularly true regarding Instagram. It gets users much more hooked than any other social network, even those with a greater userbase – Instagram is 60 times more interactive than Facebook, and much more content is shared through it.

Improve your business' outcome thanks to Instagram
Improve your business’ outcome thanks to Instagram

If you’re looking for a way in which to improve the reach of your business, Instagram is one of the best options. It has more than doubled its number of users in the last four years, while Facebook has lost more than a quarter. The fact that it’s more visual makes it easier for the message to get to people, which are more eager to merely watch an image and enjoy it visually than to read and process a piece of information.

The key to success as an Instagram entrepreneur is based on some very simple strategies – you shall use quality pictures, take care of what you show, you must tell a story (even in a visual way),  you shall show your business’ face (your employees’) or ask users to interact and show pictures of themselves with your products or at your facilities.

It can be a long way, but it is worth it, and you’ll notice it.

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