Indigenous People to Live Forever on Instagram

Mexican natives have been in the country for millenia. Even when the Spanish arrived at the Aztec country and imposed their lifestile on them, they didn’t wholly surrender. There area lot of indigenous communities; Mexican photographer Diego Huerta González has portrayed 57 of them on his Instagram account (@diegohuertaphoto).

The latest picture series he started has been there since March20, but his interest towards indigenous Mexican people is much older. Eightyears ago, he made his first acquaintance with members of the wirrarika tribe. Since then, he says, “I’ve realized that some of them have changed and aren’t the same they used to be. Modern society is mistaken when it thinks that these communities are going to remain where they are naturally. It’s not like that. As a photographer, my aim is to document everything good from a certain people, establish a historical record so that I can know how every community is like.”

"Somewhere in Guajanato" “Somewhere in Guajanato”

He’s been able to picture wirrarikas, rarámuris, chichimecas-jonaz, zapotecas and mazatecos, zoques and puréchapas. These are all communities who come from all around Mexico, from Oaxaca to Chapas, to Chihuahua. He intends to get to the number of 57 communities in 11 months’ time. “I want people to know them and respect them.”

If he develops a good relationship with indigenous people, the project could even last longer. “I want to set a good communication framework. I think that, as human beings, everyone of us likes to talk about our stuff, we like people getting fond of us. What I do is show them that I’m genuinely interested in what they tell me. I am honest to them, I respect them and I admire them. Thus I can develop an intimate relationship in a very short time.

Instagram has been a very important part of this project. “It’s amazing how people on the other side of the world can see what I just photographed in a remote Mexian place.”

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