Instagram Against Cyberbullying!

Bullying has always been a reality at school, since many years ago. People have been bullied because of the way the look, what they do, their hobbies and their manners. Since two decades ago, bullying entered the online world – apart from being bullied in the real world, you could also be bullied in your online life, a situation which increased the pressure to which victims were exposed.

Now, it seems that Instagram – one of the most popular social networks out there, with nearly 500 million users – wants to prevent bullying inside it, and has launched a new function to fight back bullies. Earlier, you could comment whatever you liked on someone’s picture, even if it was hurting to them or simply mean. Trolls were all around and people didn’t feel safe online. Now, however, this is not the case anymore.

Let's hope it's a first step towards a world without bullying!
Let’s hope it’s a first step towards a world without bullying!

You can now go to the Comments section and hide unaproppriate comments thanks to a new tab that’s been very recently added. Developers have created their own choice of unpleasant words that will not be shown, but you can add whatever you want to the list, if you consider some words not to be appropriate for your account.

Kevin Systrom, CEO at Instagram, has explained that the goal of this filter is to promote a culture where everyone feels good about themselves, with no criticism or insults. Maybe this is not the solution to cyberbullying, but Instagram has shown that they care about people’s sensitiveness, and that protecting their users’ feelings is amongst their top priorities. Instagram has become a safer place for self-expression, Systrom adds.

What ddoyou think of this measure? Do you think it’ll improve the experience of users? Or will it be just criticized for not letting people say what they want? Polemics is served!

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