Instagram as a Way to Discover New Models

IMG Models is a modeling agency based in the US, well-known all over the world because of their international presence. As it happens in any company related to audiovisual media, modeling agencies have to look for new talents constantly. Now, they have come up with a new strategy that will let them select from people from all around the world – Instagram.

How is it going to work? First of all, they’ve started a campaign called “We Love Your Genes, ” together with an Instagram account (@weloveyourgenes) and a hashtag (#WLYG) so that girls who feel like continuing or starting a career as models can do so. “Instagram gives us the chance to see potential models’ natural beauty. They won’t have to spend money on photo shootings or photo books,” said Jeni Rose, who works for IMG.

Models such as Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss have worked for IMG Models Models such as Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss have worked for IMG Models

It is indeed a novelty strategy – apart from letting anyone enter the world of fashion, it uses a medium that is being used by 400 million people, so IMG can be sure that it’ll be known, discussed and that many girls will like to give it a chance. If they’re good with cameras, they can be seen as potential models.

That’s where the problem is, people from modeling agencies say. You can’t know whether a person will be a good model just with one or two pictures. Modeling agencies need interviews, they need to know models personally, you have to select some and say no to some others…

Models themselves are also agains this practice, as they percieve this trend as a security vulnerability. Some models have had trouble because they posted their pictures on social networks. Some have even been taken for prostitutes. They say that you can’t be sure what criminals can do to you.

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