Instagram erases fake accounts

Instagram has started with “shadowbanning” accounts. This means that when a picture is uploaded with spammy hashtags, it will not be visible in the search engine of Instagram and neither will it be visible on the Explore tab. This attempt is going to make the social media networking platform less spammy, more authentic and real.

They are also erasing every account that looks spammy or is used to spam other people’s accounts. To avoid that this becomes an endless matter, they have taking things down from the roots. Instagram has managed to take out of the air of the third-party websites and apps like Instagress, InstaPlus, and PeerBoost causing the spam and bots on Instagram.

A real influencer and a not-so-real influencer can be spotted by their content and more importantly by the comments they have on their posts. You can tell the real comments by the users’ language. The users’ comments are either relevant to the picture or mention another person. When a post has many hashtags usually posted by the owner of the picture and then has many emoji comments that can be used for anything, you know the pretending influencer is a fake.

Instagram erases fake accounts

Instagram erases fake accounts

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