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Instagram has been one of the most important social networks of the last decade. Together with Twitter, which is these days celebrating its tenth birthday, and with Facebook, the oldest surviving popular social media – crazy to think that it was created more than 12 years ago, huh? –, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks now, especially amongst teenagers and young adults, for whom image is becoming more and more important.

But how has Instagram evolved in a shorter period, say, last year? Did any changes take place regarding trends, users, the way they post? There surely were changes, and the latest study performed by Quintly gives us proof of that. Ten thousand profiles were analyzed to come to the conclusions that you’re going to read.

After ascending like a mountain, Instagram has stabilized like a plain After ascending like a mountain, Instagram has stabilized like a plain

Let’s start by saying that the average number of published posts increased a little during this last year. Companies were the most engaged, as they have realized that the more they interact with actual or potential customers, the more profit they make.

Howerver, the average profile is not growing as fast as the post count. It went from a growth of 21% in January to one of 16% in December, with a minimum peak of 14% in August. What does this tell us? Growth in following is slowing down, it’s stabilizing and it’s likely that the trend will go on like it is now in the current year.

What is indeed decreasing is the number of interactions. People interact less because timelines are more and more crowded (a paradox?). The interaction rate, which was at 4.95 in January, decreased to 3.10 in December.

However, there are things that are effectively growing, like the number of videos compared to pictures. From a ratio of 1.78 videos per photo to a peak of 3.02 in October – in December it got down to 2.77.

What is sure is that Instagram is changing.

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