Instagram is Hell, Justin Bieber Says

We know many celebrities who have left Instagram over the years. The most recent example was Kendall Jenner, who did so following a piece of advice by her sister Kim. Normally, what people leaving Instagram tend to say is that it absorbed them. They say that Instagram and social networks prevented them from living real life. There are others, however, who see the issue in a more dramatic light. That’s the case of singer Justin Bieber, who was, until some months ago, one of the most successful users.

Bieber's words are never innocent
Bieber’s words are never innocent

Bieber, who is well known for his eccentric points of view and for being always in the center of polemics, has just finished his most recent European tour. He’s hit a fan at the end of a concert, who wants to take legal measures against the singer. Yesterday, something else happened. Bieber has compared Instagram to the Devil. He, who had been one of the most followed celebrities, said “I think hell is Instagram … I don’t wanna get my Instagram back. I’m sure, I think hell is Instagram.” Whenever he asked his fans what they thought of him getting back to Instagram, the crowd started cheering. However, he repeated his statement several times. “I know what I’m talking about,” he assured.

Of course, having your life sucked by Instagram, especially if you don’t have a regular life, can be frustrating.  That’s why so many celebrities are trying to escape the overuse in which they were trapped. Some get to do it, and amongst those who do, there are some who don’t really get along with it after that. From loving Instagram to hating it there’s no long way.

However, what we can’t deny is that Instagram is following more and more each day.

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