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No, aliens haven’t still visited us, if you were wondering because of the title of this article. So far, only humans have taken pictures from space. When it hasn’t been a person, it’s bee a robot designed by humans. The pictures that we’re giong to show you haven’t been taken by a robot, but by a human been. His name i Sergey Ryazanskiy and he’s a Russian cosmonaut.

Sergey Nikolayevich Ryazanskiy was born in 1974. Since 2003, he’s been a cosmonaut for the Russian space agency Roskosmos.  He’s been a lot of time in space since then. Given the amazing scenery he got to witness and his love for photography, it’s not strange that he has an Instagram account.

Ryazanskiy proudly posing for a radio advertisement Ryazanskiy proudly posing for a radio advertisement

As of today, @sergeyiss is followed by 46K people. In the more than 102 posts Ryazanskiy has uploded so far, we can see amazing pictures of the Earth as we’ve never seen it. From a smoking volcano in Vanuatu he uploaded on March 20 to the wasteland of the Yemeni deserts from April 9 – and that’s only in the last few days!

Although it’s easier for him to get pictures of places that are so far from each other. He’s constantly orbiting the Earth when he’s up there, so he gets to see everything in much littler time than it would take us to travel from one spot of the planet toanother.

The images are captured using a high-resolution camera place on the outside of the ISS, the International Space Station which has been orbiting the Earth since 1998. Ryazanskiy is also on Twitter (@Ryazanskiy_ISS) and on Facebook ( However, the most followed account is that he has on Instagram, so be sure to follow him not to miss anything he posts.

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