Instagram Sets Dashboard Back as Chronological

Instagram has changed a lot since it was created in 2010. Most of the changes were welcome when they were introduced, such as its sister sites, which would allow users to create collages, for example, or the possibility to upload pictures that weren’t squared (the original format of pictures) but also rectangular. That way, you could upload a panoramic view of a landscape without having to crop it previously.

However, there are some changes that have not been so welcome by the user community. The latest and most important one, as it changed the display of the site completely was the removal of the chronological order in the dashboard. Instead of viewing what others posted in the order they posted (the same way other sites like Twitter or Tumblr work), now the app sorted them according to their importance. This meant that users could no longer see things the way others posted them, and that your pictures may have been neglected, giving the first places to others.

Now everything flows as a river does. Now everything flows as a river does.

Users had the last word in this issue, and they didn’t like it. Many of them complained about it in their profiles. What they feared most is that the posts created by many users with a low number of followers would no longer be visible, and that small businesses could no longer trust Instagram as a way to advertise their products and services, in fear that bigger companes would  be the only thing present in dashboards.

Instagram viewed the issue as this: “If your favourite group shares a video of a concert, no matter the hour zone in which you live, no matter when you wake up, it would be the first thing you saw when you connected.” Or: “When your best friend posts a picture of their new puppy, you won’t miss it.”

It seems that users prefer viewing things the way they used to, even if that means they won’t see everything all the time.

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