Instagram Star Gets Murdered in NYC

Karina Vetrano was an Instagram fitness blogger well-kown in the social media world. Last Tuesday she was found dead in NYC. She’d been jogging at a park. The man raped her then murdered her. The assassination has blown Instagram away, where she used to post pictures and videos showing her workout routines.

As she had been going for a long time, she went to Spring Creek Park, in Queens, to do some jogging. It was then when she was surprised by a stranger who raped her then choked her to death. He also broke some of her teeth. The police department is trying to locate the individual who raped and murdered Vetrano, and has offered a reward of up to $10,000 for any clue that may help them get him.

Vetrano on one of her Instagram pics Vetrano on one of her Instagram pics

It seems Vetrano had broken up with her boyfriend just a few days before she was murdered. That’s what her father, Phil Vetrano, has said. He contacted the police department when his daughter didn’t get back home after her workout. The mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio, has confirmed that all of the evidence collected at the park has been sent to the forensic division, where forensic doctors will perform DNA tests on the objects retrieved from the crime scene — among which there was a condom — in order to find out who the murderer was.

The Instagram community has reacted with grief to this brutal crime, which we hope will be punished.

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