Instagram, Turned into a Short Film to Denounce Dehumanization

Instagram has become a mandatory part of life for many people. It’s one of the latest social networks to have been created and gained mass popularity. Now, 500 million people around the world use Instagram to share their lives with the world. Of course, this has had some effects.

Instagram has played, and is still playing, many social roles on people¡s lives. While some use it as a means of promotion of art, fashion,

However, there are some who experience it in a bad way – narcissistic behavior, additcion to followers, endangering one’s life in order to get the perfect selfie… Now, a short video denounces how this social network – and all social netwks, in fact – can have an internally destructive effect on some people. Welcome to Me2.

Written and directed by Alex J. Mann, Me2 explores a side of Instagram that has been neglected many times – addiction. As any kind of drug, social networks can have an addictive, destructing effect on people.

It shows us a pretty young woman who is scrolling and scrolling endlessly, looking at pictures – of herself. She stops at one in particular, which depicts her in a bikini and has been liked lots and lots of times. Compaing it with her other pictures, she becomes more and more unsatisfied with herself, and starts looking at her selfies once again, to reassure herself.

What would you do if your picture started moving?
What would you do if your picture started moving?

She focuses on one picture – the one of her in her bikini, which suddenly starts moving. Unable to believe what she’s seeing, she looks at the picture smiling at her – when something happens. From inside the screen comes something that may mean her end.

We don’t want to reveal the ending of the film, but we want to say that it makes a good point. Having a hobby is good and helps us be happier, especially if it means the recognition of others – but hobbies can become dangerous if we aren’t careful enough.

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