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After introducing its Snapchat-like Stories, Instagram doesn’t seem to have shown everything it’s got. Two days ago, a new feature got introduced – Explore. It’s a new “Events” channel gathering pictures and videos together, as any channel would. This one is special, as it gathers videos of events taking place in a given moment. “Olympics,” “Superbowl,” “Democrat Convention,” “Shakira concert…” No matter what is happening around the world, Instagram will select the most important pictures and videos related to it and show them to you.

As it happened when the non-chronological timeline was introduced, this feature works thanks to an algorithm, showing users posts and videos that have been chosen based on what they have previously seen or liked, or on whom they’ve followed. It’s only available in the United States so far, but the company hopes to introduce it in many other countries once they sharpen the accuracy of their algorithm.

Will Instagram become Snapchat?
Will Instagram become Snapchat?

Is this the way Instagram has of fighting Snapchat? The popularity of the other picture-focused social network may suppose a menace to Instagram’s monarchy. Introducing these new features, Instagram ensures that Snapchat users will be more and more attracted by Instagram, leave Snapchat and make Instagram the most followed social network in the world. Now that Facebook owns Instagram, it won’t be difficult. They’re the most important social networks nowadays, including Twitter.

Maybe the next step will be including stories from the media and from collaborators, as Snapchat does. Will Instagram become the new Snapchat?

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