Is Michael Jackson Alive? Welcome to the Instagram Conspiracy

After more than three decades being one of the most important rock musicians out there, Michael Jackson died in 2009, when he was still very popular. No one could believe that the King of Pop had passed away seven years ago; after all, he was still young (he was not even 51 when he passed away unexpectedly). Now, after seven years, some fans are hoping that the King of Pop didn’t really die – and they have graphic evidence to prove it: Michael Jackson has appeared on Instagram.

Everytime a celebrity dies – especially someone from the music world – people start wondering if they really died. It happened to John Lenon, Elvis or Prince. And now it’s happening to Michael Jackson. But why are people talking about Jackson out of the blue? The reason why is that his daughter, Paris Jackson, has uploaded what many fans have taken as a rather suspicious picture.

The photograph in question is a selfie taken by Jackson (@parisjackson) in her car. We can see her wearing sunglasses and a straw hat  while smiling slightly in front of the camera. Where would the King of Pop be?, you may ask. According to conspiracy fans, what seems to be a shadow wearing a hat in the back seat is no less than Michael Jackson.

Many people have devoted videos to the issue, defending that that shadow is actually the singer. A YouTube video combining the picture with photos of Michael Jackson and the word “Believe” on top. It’s been watched more than 300K times. Paris herself has decided to delete the picture from her Instagram profile.

The celebrity has 690K followers on Instagram currently.

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