Jason Aldean: Get Active Followers

Jason Aldean talks again since the Las Vegas shooting.

Get active followers like Jason Aldean. In his first conversation since the Las Vegas shooting, Jason Aldean talked about his feelings about being on stage and how he originally didn’t comprehend that a gunman was opening fire on the audience during his act at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on October 1.

“We wear in-ear monitors when we’re on stage. And really all you can hear is the music and, you know, maybe your guys that can talk to you on microphones that are on side-stage or whatever,” the country singer clarified to Sheinelle Jones in a sneak peak of his presence on the Today show. Check out his Instagram page here and see how to get active followers.

“So when it first happened, I thought a speaker had blown,” he remembered. “It just sounded like a crackling something. And so, I’m kind of looking around like, ‘What is that?’ [and] trying to figure out what it is. And then it stopped, so I was like, they must have got it fixed, so I kept doing my thing.”

Soon after, the noise started again. “It lasted longer the second time,” Aldean narrated. “I was actually getting kind of aggravated, so I looked over at the monitor guy on the side of the stage, and I was like, ‘What is that? And fix it.’ And when I turned and looked, my guitar player had run behind me and was telling me to move, like, ‘Let’s go.’ And my security guy was running on stage, telling me to run.”

“I know I don’t have to tell you guys this, but it’s been a rough couple of months for us up here and it’s a lot of fun to get back out and play for the people that matter, which is you guys,” he told the spectators. “I spent a lot of time and a long time trying to make it in this business and doing something that I really enjoy. I’ll be damned if anybody is ever going to stop me from doing that.”

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