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Wanna know what’s hot right now beside purchase followers? Skin! Jordana Brewster opened up to Stylish at Pond’s holiday get-together in L.A. to explain on her skincare routine, to talk about the best beauty advice she’s ever received and of course all the places she can be seen with a sheet mask. You will get all the details down below.

Her Favorite Products: Jordana publicized that Touche Eclat by YSL, Glossier’s Balm Dot Com and Pond’s Toilette Wipes are products that she just can’t live without. She says, “If I’m doing my makeup in the car, which I often do, I need the toilettes in case I smudge something when I’m putting on my eyeliner.”

Her Morning Makeup: “I keep it pretty simple when I’m not working because I think the more makeup you put on, the more tired your skin gets.” While her makeup rule seems effortless, she explains that she prefers full glam over a bare face, but she just doesn’t have the time to do it! Purchase followers.

Her Nighttime Ritual: “I take off my makeup and if I’m feeling super dry, I’ll use grape seed oil because it’s really rich. My mom always told me to wash my face every night, drink lots of water and that what I put in my body will show on my skin and determine how fast I age, so that’s what I stick to,” she explains

Her Sheet Mask Philosophy: With Pond’s launching sheet masks in 2018, Brewster shows her excitement and she cannot wait. “I’ve been a fan of sheet masks ever since they have been around,” the actress tells Stylish. “Back in the day, you’d have to put on clay masks and that was fun, but I love sheet masks because they are so versatile.” She continues, “You can put a sheet mask on and walk around the house. You might look like a ghost, but it’s all good.” She’ll also rock one when she’s cooking, running errands, driving in her car or even ordering a drink at Starbucks.”If I need to de-puff, I will do it anywhere!” she says.

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