Justin Bieber’s Open Letter on Instagram

Justin Bieber is one of the most successful artists nowadays. Having been famous since he was 16, Bieber has also been renowned because of the many scandals he’s been into. DUI, leaving concerts and interviews midway, sleeping with prostitutes… He’s apparently done everything he could. However, this lifestyle has apparently been too much for him, as one of hist latest Instagram posts has shown. It’s an open letter to his fans and to the people who have been supporting him all this time. What does Justin Bieber say exactly on that open letter?

Despite the success that was his last released album, Purpose, and in spite of the fact that his last single, Sorry, was considered a total success a few hours after being released, Bieber seems not to be prepared to face the mass of fans and media that don’t let him move without saying something about it.

The picture that goes with Bieber's letter The picture that goes with Bieber’s letter

Maybe the fact that everything he does is being constantly monitored by journalists has something to do with the letter he posted on his Instagram account (@justinbieber). In it, Bieber starts by saying that he loves his fans, but that he’ll have to cancel “my meet and greets” after “feeling so drained and unhappy.” Presure has not been helpful to Bieber, who says that “the pression of meeting people’s expectations of what I’m supposed to be is so much for me to handle and a lot on my shoulders.”

He finishes with an apology to all of his fans and promises to give them the best show they’ve ever seen. Bieber even mentioned depression, and has reportedly said that he’s felt the same Amy Winehouse felt when she started being harassed by the British media.

After this letter, he has posted more pictures in which fans and friends show him their support.

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