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Kourtney Kardashian was criticized on social media Instagram when she posted a photo of her children sitting on top of a $122,000 car.

In the two images, Kardashian writes the lyrics from her brother-in-law Kanye West’s song “Last Call” . in the picture appears her daughter Penelope and her son Reign on the hood of a Mercedes G-Wagon.

The first image shows the two young ones kneeling on all fours. They’re on top of the Mercedes-Benz and the kids are facing Kourtney as she apparently gives them art direction. The caption says “Rolling into the weekend like….”

The second picture shows the little children happily posing on top of the car, worth about $122,400, with the caption: “Mayonnaise-colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips.”

Mayonnaise-colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips

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Kourtney’s haters instantly filled Kardashian’s comments section with words of condemnation about how the reality star is pompous and showy about her wealth.

Rolling into the weekend like…💥

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“Maybe all these pics trying to show off are the reasons you all keep getting robbed,” one commenter pointed out. “I would never take pics of my cars, jewelry etc … looks desperate and not classy #newmoneyproblems #unfollowed #classless.” Also someone wrote “Did you not learn a valuable lesson about displaying materialistic items???? So you basically just showed someone what kind of care you drive … I thought you were the smart sister.”

Last October, honest designer Karl Lagerfeld reproached Kim for showing off her wealth and possibly causing robbers to target her in Paris.

“It’s a very bad thing for Paris, but I don’t understand why she was in a hotel with no security,” the Chanel creative director told Reuters at the Paris Fashion Week. “If you are that famous and you put all your jewelry on the net, you go to hotels where nobody can come near to the room. You cannot display your wealth and then be surprised that some people want to share it with you.”

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