Messi Blocks Miss Bum Bum on Instagram

Suzi Cortez, a.k.a. Miss Bum Bum, is a great fan of the Barcelona soccer team, and especially of Lionel Messi, one of the best soccer players in the world. She loves him so much that she has shown this on her Instagram account. However, love and passion can be tought sometimes.

Cortez, who comes from Brazil, has said on her Instagram account that Lionel Messi and his partner Antonella Rocuzzo have blocked her on Instagram. She stated that in two Instagram posts which feature her going into the sea wearing a white thong and taking off her t-shirt.

One of the pictures in question One of the pictures in question

On the first picture, Miss Bum Bum said that she wasn’t sending sensual pictures to Messi, and that she was shocked to know that the couple had blocked her. Newspapers have not fully undestood the relationship between the couple and Leo Messi. “I’ve never sent  them pictures; the only thing I did was to post a picture supporting him when he got his golden ball. I’d rather believe that it’s all about her wife exaggerating.

On her second post, which consists of two pictures, the model said again that she’s never sent a picture neither to Messi nor to Rocuzzo. She accused her of being a jealous woman. “I do my work as a model and I’m a Barcelona fan, it’s not not my fault that Messi’s wife is jeaulos, or that she has blocked me. It’s a ridiculous exaggeration. (…) The team is very good, and it’s bigger than any of its players, no matter how good he is.”

Even though  all this has been surely tyring for Miss Bum Bum, she will still support the team and the player – even though she can’t talk to him on Instagram

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