New Instagram Logo Gets Revealed

“You have to change with the times,” a popular saying says. That’s not only true for people, but it is also for things – and for companies. The aim to please, the need to be the most fashionable one or the liking of modernity are some of the reasons why people decide to change. Usually, they’re happy if they manage to do so. But what happens when the thing that changes is the Instagram logo?

Indeed, the popular app, used by more than 400 million people worldwide, has introduced a new design for its logo. Forget about the beige and brown camera, forget about the rainbow reflexes, forget about complications. The logo that we’d been seeing from 2010 to now has changed to a simple camera design,in white, over a gradient rainbow background. Minimalistic, totally minimalistic. Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomerang had also been updated.

Love it – or hate it? Love it – or hate it?

The new design aims to be in accordance with an easier look, to let people focus their attention on pictures and videos rather than on the app’s logo. Icons and fonts have also been modified to make the experience better on Android and iOS phones. However, the way Instagram works hasn’t changed at all. It’ll be the same, as its  way of working has proved extremely attiring.

Instagram, which started as an app to apply filters onto pictures, has evolved a lot. It’s now a global community, where 80 million new videos and pictures are uploaded every single day by people all around the world. It brings common people, amateur photographers, professional ones, artists, musicians, companies and celebrities together – through image.

It’s normal than, after five years, Instagram has changed. After all, the adage says it clearly: “You have to change with the times.” If you don’t, you won’t survive – and we want Instagram to survive.

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