New Instagram Trend and a Response to It

Instagram trends don’t usually be to be fought back. They develop more or less spontaneously and they last some time between a couple of days and a couple of fortnights. We had the ice bucket challenge, the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, the Charlie Charlie challenge and so on. The latest trend comes from China and it’s not really a challenge, though it has been called so – you may now witness the #A4WaistChallenge.

As you may already know, Instagram is renowned for many reasons. One of them is the astonishing number of profiles that try to get people be in shape, to get them in the mood to get physically better, to work out and eat healthier food and have a healthier lifestyle. However, sometimes it comes up with trends such as this challenge.

What does is consist of? Basically what you have to do is to hold an A4 paper sheet against your belly or back – ideally near the waist zone – to see if your waist is narrower or broader than the paper sheet. What you may not realize at first sight is what that would mean – you’d have to have a waist that measured less than 8.2 inches (if you hold the sheet vertically, as the challenge states you must).

Of course, it’s not only a trend that promotes being thin, but it promotes it in an unhealthy way and to an unhealthy extent. Many voices have raised and people are being very critical of this trend that suposedly started in China and Japan but has spread all over the world.

A user's reaction to the trend. A user’s reaction to the trend.

Some people have started mocking the trend either by showing enormous pieces of paper or post-it notes. Their aim is to make people aware that you shouldn’t joke when it comes to health. Even if your waist is wider than an A4 paper sheet.

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