New York City as You’ve Never Seen It Thanks to Instagram

New York City is like an addiction – once you’ve been there, you only think about returning there. What for many of us is just a dream has been realized for others, but now every and each one of us can get a taste of NYC thanks to Instagram. In this article we’ll give you five Instagram accounts related to one of the most emblematic cities in America, so that you feel like you’ve visited it – even if you’ve only looked at its marvels on your laptop screen.

We may start by visiting @bonjourtalie, the profile of a French girl that’s been living in NYC with her husband for three years now. A new view of the skyscraper-full city, built around one of Talie’s passions – colors. With her powerful pictures and marvelously chosen filters, she shows us her own private NYC. Brooklyn walls, Central Park, rooftops and sunsettings  that make Manhattan look like a giant orange jungle. More than 4K people have already fallen for her shots.

One of the many faces of Nwe York City
One of the many faces of Nwe York City

Then we have another account, which may ring a bell to you because it’s related to one of Facebook’s most liked pages – Humans of New York. @humansofny shows us different faces of the city, its dwellers, their identities and lives, through a portrait and a caption that gives us information about their life and background. Followers are not a problem for this account – 5.4 million so far, and still growing!

Behind @the_lazy_frenchie hides Aurélie, a French expatriet in love with the Big Apple, who’s been living there since 2011. Her plans, her favorite spots, shops, restaurants and streets… A 360-degree tour around New York thanks to this account followed by more than 7K people.

Being so incredibly huge, we’re sure that it’d take more than a lifetime to discover all of New York City’s charms. That’s why now we ask you – do you know any other Instagram profile through which others could discover this marvelous city? If you do, please let us know!

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