No One Saw Any Problem on These Instagram Pictures – Until It Got Explained

Louise Delage emerged this summer as one of the most famous French Instagram users. She’s 25, she’s pretty, she’s nice and she’s posted many nice pictures since August, when her account was created. So far, she’s gotten more than 65K followers, and each one of the pictures she posts gets liked thousands of times. She appeared posing sensually and seemed to lead a glamourous lifestyle – parties, social events, images of a wealthy lifestyle that got thousands of people hooked on her. No one ceased to praise her clothes, her beauty or her hobbies.

But there was a problem with Delage’s account, and no one noticed it. Each one of the pictures she uploaded featured a common element, so obvious that it had a central part in the shot. But no one saw it – until it got explained. Then everything became obvious. The account and the pictures were part of a campaign created by the advertising agency BECT Paris. The predominant element in each of the pictures had been alcohol.

One of Louise Delage's pictures, with the always present element.
One of Louise Delage’s pictures, with the always present element.

In fact, not in a single picture does she appear without any kind of alcoholic beverage in her hand. The campaign, “Aide Addict” (“Help for Addicts”) wanted to make people aware that alcohol, despite seemingly being present at every moment, can become a danger, especially for young people. Delage is really an actress, and in each one of the pictures uploaded she managed to feature some alcoholic beverage, no matter if she was drinking at the moment or not.

What the agency wanted to show people, especially youths, is that alcohol addiction, especially when it’s starting, can be unnoticed, as consumption of alcohol is seen as a normal social activity. “We all know some ‘Louise Delage,’ but almost no one notices their suffering, their addiction,” said one of the creators of this popular campaign.

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