Now You Can Save Drafts on Instagram!

This has surely happened to you more than once. Imagina you are on the verge ofposting something onto Instagram. You’ve prepared everything and then suddenly you have to leave everything to do something else. Or maybe you have thought “This is not worth being uploaded right now, I should wait and do it in some two or three hours.” Well, something has happened and now you won’t have to wait until 8pm to post that picture you want to be seen. Now you can save drafts on Instagram.

It has become the potentia final stage of picture posting. Once you’ve had edited a picture, added filters and a caption to it and have everything nice and ready for posting, you can click on the top left arrow in order to go back to the previous site, then right-click it and select “Save draft,” on a box which will appear on the bottom of the screen.

Then you’ll have your picture available for posting whenever you want, from your Library. However, there’s a prerequisite – you won’t be able to save any of the pictures for future posting if you haven’t previously edited, tagged, captioned or geolocated a picture.

Your picture will have to be edited so that you can save it for later
Your picture will have to be edited so that you can save it for later

This novelty feature has been added to that which allows users to have multiple accounts, letting users manage more than one profile at a time, without having to log out of the app. However, not every decision the team has made has been praised. When they altered the infamous Instagram timeline and chose a relevance-oriented display they were highly criticized.

Let’s hope users are pleased with this decision, which doesn’t have to alter the way they enjoy Instagram. What do you think of it? Does it seem a good idea?

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