Posting Everything on Instagram – Is It Worth?

Last Saturday, Kim Kardashian was robbed by five masked men who broke into her Parisian hotel where she was staying to attend the Paris Fashion Week. The group left the hotel with Kim’s jewelry, worth more than $10 million. Kim wasn’t physically hurt, but she suffered a lot because of theincident. For some hours, after everything happened, no one knew exactly where the robbers had broken in – until someone posted it on Twitter. Can posting too much info about yourself be dangerous?

The diamond in question, posted three days before the incident.
The diamond in question, posted three days before the incident.

The problem, according to some, is the kind of pictures Kim uploads almost daily to the Internet – especially to Instagram, where everything is more visual and images have a biggerimpact. A penthouse in New Yorsk, worth $10K per night; a Givenchy haute-couture dress, worth no one knows how much; a king-sized diamond. Everything is a part of Kim’s life, it has been so for the last five weeks, but we could find many more examples by looking at her older pictures. The thing is, youdon’t have to go to outside-based sources to know this – you simply have to follow her on Instagram.

Kim, like most of her family and many unknown users, posts every minute of her life on Instagram. So far, she hadn’t had any problem with it, but what happened in Paris last weekend can become a warning for her and for every user that uploads 50 pictures of themselves every afternoon. In fact, this isn’t the first time Kim has suffered because of this – last week Vitalii Sediuk, who harasses celebrities for a life, gave her a kiss on her butt.

Three days before the incident Kim posted a picture of herself with a gigantic diamond on her finger. She was already in Paris – which meant the diamond had to be in her room. The question is – if she gets another one, will she post it onto Instagram?

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