Posting Food on Instagram Makes It Taste Better

Social networks, especially those which are image-centered, such as Instagram, are becoming ubiquitous. They’ve “invaded” – or should we say “adapted to”– every aspect of our lives. Of course, we’ve also integrated things we do daily, such as eating. Thus, food is one of the undisputable pillars of Instagram – it is present there everyday, we take pictures of it, we experience with new recipes, new ingredients… Now, apart from looking delicious, it seems that uploading your food to Instagram makes it taste delicious!

Do these waffles taste better because they're on Instagram? Well—yes, they do. Do these waffles taste better because they’re on Instagram? Well—yes, they do.

When you take a picture of the dish you’re going to eat, you’re not eating it right away. You have to take your time to check the light is good and pay attention to things like perspective, textures and steadiness. Now, researchers from Saint Joseph University in Philadelphia and San Diego, have discovered that that time you take before eating increases the feeling that you are enjoying your dish.

After all, when you’re taking a picture of a dish, you’re also seeing it (you want it to look good) and you’re smelling it. Even if the smell weren’t so good, as this research has confirmed, you’d love it more than if you’d just taken it out of the pan and eaten it directly. In fact, the healthier we percieve food, the better we feel after ingesting it, especially if we’ve taken the time to take some pictures earlier.

The research was aimed to discover what effects sharing food pictures on social networks has on people. It is an upscaling trend and it can lead to many marketing campaigns in order that users take pictures of their food. The people responsible for the project were marketing specialists.

In conclusion, Instafood is better than regular food. At least, for our brains.

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