Prince Harry, the Pranker of Instagram

Over the past years, we’ve seen Prince Harry do many things that would have passed as “normal” for everyone else, but that became commented all over the world given his royal status. We’ve seen him drunk, doind the nazi salute, drunk again – but now we0ve seen his most humorous side. Prince Charles’ son has photobombed the picture of a well-known model. Do you know who?

Prince Harry was invited to America’s Next Top Model. There was also Winnie Harlow, a professional model who was a participant in the show. Last Saturday, both Harry and Harlow attended the Audi Polo, an event held at Ascot, England. Prince Charles and Ladi Di’s two sons played polo, and the benefits of the match went to several charities.

Bomm! Bomm!

The surprise had came earlier, when the lunch previous to the match had been held. Both of Elizabeth II’s grandsons attended this lunch too. There was food, there were celebrities and there were photographs taken for the occasion. In some of them, Harry appears practicing yoga. Everything normal, considering that we’ve seen him do things that were much more strange than that.

The surprise came later, when all of the attendants were taken some commemorative pictures. That’s the moment Harry photobombed a shot. The picture in question shows Harlow turned towards her agent, who is smiling at the camera. In the background we can see two faces. One remains unknown, but the other is Prince Harry, who’s doing a silly face while holding a cup with his hand.

“When you’re trying to have a serious convo but your agent and Prince Harry aren’t serious at all #photobomb,”said Harlow on Instagram, on the caption next to the picture itself.

A proof that royals can have fun like the rest of us.

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