Revealing Clothes Brand Takes Instagram Over

Being a mom doesn’t have to be boring. That’s what Reformation,a clothing brand whose products are specifically aimed to new moms, wants them to know. They’re @reformation on Instagram, and they went viral two days ago, when a picture uploaded to their profile that depicted a mom breastfeeding her baby started to get popular. So far, it’s gotten 430 comments and 9,291 likes.

Everyone has praised the picture, especially women. It’s normal, since Reformation has been the first brand that promotes breastfeeding, giving women clothes that suit the process. It’s proof that being a mom and being fashionable don’t exclude each other. “Gorgeous. Feeding our babies is a God-given right! I want one!” says one user.

Moms and their children are a top priority for this brand Moms and their children are a top priority for this brand

The brand has also been praised for its modern, original and renovative designs, but especially for being a green company and wanting to take care of the environment. It’s considered an “echo brand, chosen by cool girls” by The New York Times. They make “killing clothes that don’t kill the environment, and they include information on labels specifying the environmental impact that making each piece has had.

Introducing this new line for new moms, they’ve wanted to take advantage that next Sunday is Mother’s Day. Their designs don’t only make breastfeeding easier, but they also make moms sexy, because, as we earlier said, “being a mom doesn’t have to be boring.”

Knowing that nowadays marketing operations take place on the Internet, their profile is full of pictures showing their products. Jeans, dresses, onesies, whatever comes to mind. Also, they’re actively green—they give water to the Colorado River and advocate for stopping massive tree-cutting. The fight has only begun, and Reformation is an active fighter—on Instagram and in the real world.

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