Selena Breaks the Like Record on Instagram

Selena Breaks the Like Record on Instagram

A picture upoladed by Selena Gomez on her Instagram account (@selenagomez) has reach the record figure of 4.1 million likes, becoming the most liked picture in the history of Instagram. On Tuesday evening, the picture had set  a temporary record, with more than 4 million likes.

"You're the spark"
“You’re the spark”

The picture in question depicts a portrait of Selena Gomez drinking Coca-Cola from a bottle, with a straw. The bottle label says “You’re the spark,” which is also a verse from her 2015 song Me & the Rhythm. Also, Gomez has become the most followed star on the social network, with 89.1 million followers. Three months ago, the figures were at 74 millions. Gaining 15 million followers in three months has thus proved to be possible, but how? And what consequences does this have?

First of all, let’s say that, having the most liked picture in Instagram so far, she has overpassed a picture by a person who is also very well known on Instagram, and with whom Selena has had a meaningful relationship. We’re talking about Justin Bieber, whose 3.7 million likes on a picture posted some three months ago also broke a record. The fun part is that Justin Bieber’s picture told the story between him and Selena Gomez.

Basically, Selena has gone fromappearing on the most liked picture on Instagram to appearing on it – and also uploading it. And it seems that the combination of these two factors has had a brilliant result for her. As we said, 15.1 million more followers for her account, and together with that, 0.7 million more likes.

How much we’ll have o wait for another picture to break the record? And, most importantly, who will it come from? Will it be Kim Kardashian? A member of her family? Taylor Swift, who has become more famous even after her romance with Tom Hiddleston?

Oly time, and Instagram, will tell.

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