Selena Gomez, the Richest Person on Instagram

Selena Gomez has always been one of the topcelebrities on Instagram. Her music, her relationship with Canadian singer Justin Bieber and her pictures have always gotten her aplace amongst the people who must be followed. Now, she’s broken her own record – and a record on Instagram as a whole – by reaching an amazing number of followers.

It’s been five whole weeks since Gomez uploaded anything to Instagram, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped her evergrowing legion of fans. She already held a record for the most liked picture on Instagram. The photograph, uploaded on June 25, got 4.5 million likes in less than a month, a groundbreaking record set in the blink of an eye.

How can Selena Gomez have so many followers?
How can Selena Gomez have so many followers?

Back then, Selena was being followed by 90.2 million people – which are indeed a lot – but now she’s broken her own record. Selena Gomez has become the first person to be followed by more than 100 million people on Instagram. It’s something no one had ever achieved. That’s why they call her the Instagram Queen. But how has she managed to reach such an amazing figure? What is her secret?

On her Instagram account, the young singer gives her fans some bits of her life – not only her private life, but also her professional life. Concerts, photo-shootings, collaborations with other artists… What she does very little is something that we’ve seen other celebrities do a lot, if not too much – Selena almost never shares bits of her private life with her fans. She’s always focused and, compared to other Instagram stars, lets people see very little of her privacy. Unlike Taylor Swift, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian, who have tons of followers but haven’t reached Selena’s level, she is happy to keep some parts of her life a secret.

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