“I Wish My Instagram Kiss Helps Other Gay Sportspeople”

Olympic Spanish skater Javier Raya has been one of the latest sportspeople to appear on the news,not for something he did regarding sports, but because of a sign of love that has swept Spanish Instagram. Raya has uploaded a picture kissing another man – whom he’s revealed to be his boyfriend. Instagram has witnessed love.

Raya (whose Instagram account @skateraya is followed by nearly 74 hundred people, having nearly 500 posts uploaded the picture on May 13, but two weeks have passed until the local press noticed it. The reactions were, to Raya’s surprise, extremely positive. Many have celebrated that a public sportsperson celebrates same-gender love by publicly coming out, and has said that he’s glad that more and more sports people are coming out.

Raya and his boyfriend. Raya and his boyfriend.

Thanks to this picture, some LGTB-supporting organizations have already contacted Raya, who’s been glad to collaborate with them. “I wish a spontaneous Instagram post such as mine could help other sportspeople,” wishes Raya, who’s never been discriminated at work for being gay.

He knows other homosexual sportspeople who are either out publicly or within their most intimate friends and family, and he has asked them to comeout publicly “in order to normalize this situation.” He’s also aware that artistic skating provides a much more accepting and open environment than team sports do – especially soccer, which “tends to be regarded as the ultimate macho sport.”

He’s indeed experienced discrimination in his personal life, but his professional problems are the same his workmates have. “I have to look for sponsors in order to be able to train at Toronto, where I’ve already lived for some months.”

Currently he’s thinking about the Winter Olympics, which will be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018. “The Spanish Olympic Committee gives you some funding, but I don’t like depending on my parents to do what I love and represent my country.”

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