Teen Attacked Because of Instagram Pic

Teen Attacked Because of Instagram Pic

Social networks have had a pervasive influence on our lives. We’ve passed from having a private and a publicself to mixing them together while keeping them apart. If I do everything that I used to do before but now I let people see it, doesn’t it become directly public? Sometimes, the difference is hard to see, and that’s why some people get into trouble related to social media. In this case, what has recently happened to a Swiss teenager.

Everything started with a Gucci bag
Everything started with a Gucci bag

Everything started two years ago, in summer 2014, when the then 16-year-old boy, living at the Bâle-Campagne canton (one of the northernmost places in Switzerland) posteda picture featuring a luxury Gucci bag, which he used for his sports items. Then, five youngsters from his neighborhood, aged between 20 and 28, designed a plan to rob the young boy, who came from a well-to-do family.

On July 29 2014, the youngest of the perpetrators managed to get invited to the teen’s house. He prevented the door from closing thanks to a little rock, so that his four accomplices could enter after him. Then, a friend of the victim did tell him that there were more people at the appartment. He turned his head and was immediately punched. Blood started covering his face. He’s remembered it all this week, before the Muttenz District Court.

Then, the burglars used a pepper spray and a knife to force him to have a mix of synthetic drugs. Thus, they forced the teen to give him jackets, watches, smartphones and two golf bags, worth more than $14,000.

During the trial, the thiefs have apologised to the victim and asked for his forgiveness. He’s been in a psychiatric center after the theft, and has had some serious psychological problems. Everything due to an Instagram picture.

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