That’s How You Manage the Pope’s Instagram

Many things happened in December 2012. People thought that the world was going to end (Maya had predicted it since long ago) and one of the most famous celebrities out there, who’s been in charge of one of the oldest offices in the world. After two thousand years in office, the Pope got a Twitter account. It was not the current pope, but the former one – Benedict XVI. But his sucessor Francis went a step further, and on 19 March 2016 we saw the birth of @franciscus, the first Instagram account made by a pope ever. But it’s unavoidable to wonder “Does the pope himself manage these accounts?”

The Secretary for Communication of the Holu See, Mr Dario Edoardo Viganò, said yesterday that, unlike political leaders’ Instagram and Twitter accounts, pope Francis’ way of using Twitter doesn’t respond to a political strategy, but to announcing the word of God.

@franciscus is one of themost popular accounts out there
@franciscus is one of themost popular accounts out there

“He says what he does and he does what he says… His language is simple, but not trivial, and he faces problems without interfering into them.”

This has been a revolution ever since it was created, as it has changed the way the Church communicates with people. The pope never criticizes, never judges anyone as an enemy, and he talks for everyone, using plain but not trivial words. “When we are thirsty we drink water, not H2O,” says Viganò.

It seems that the pope has been quite sucessful on Instagram since last March. More than three million followers are aware of the pope’s moves, and he’s been quite active too since seven months ago – 228 posts, that is some 32 posts per month. If he keeps growing at this rate, he’ll be one of the most followed accounts in the world.


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