“They Ask Me to Get Them Pregnant on Instagram”

Maybe the name of Lasse L. Matberg doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve heard it. Maybe you don’t even know where a man named like that comes from – but nearly 200K people know where he is from, what he does, what he aims to and more importantly, what they wants. Matberg has no ordinary desires,and people – especially women – all around the world have already discovered that.

His account @lasselom hosts 162 posts up to this day. So he’s not famous, of course, for taking too many pictures. What matters is the depicted thing. In this case, Matberg usually chooses to appear on the pictures he uploads. He’s bee called many things, but the one nickname that has stuck is “Instagram’s modern-times Viking” – and it isn’t hard to see why. This 30-year-old Norwegian is 6.5 ft tall, he has a long blond maine and has been declared the heir of those giant blond Vikings that were so fond of traveling in 10th-century Europe.

Vikings never looked better. Well, we can't know – they didn't have Instagram back then Vikings never looked better. Well, we can’t know – they didn’t have Instagram back then

He loves to display all of his strength, posing topless or wearing t-shirts. We can see him chopping wood – it’s like fitness class for him, as he says – or carrying a dog that’s ten times smaller than him – which, let’s be honest, is not very difficult.

“Are you from this world?” users ask. They’ve even said that Matberg is the proof that God exists. Certainly this young man takes care of his looks, especially of his virile beard, while he laughs at the fact that Instagram’s feminine population is crazy for him. “They want to marry me or ask me to get them pregnant,” he’s told.

Could Instagram be the door through which he comes and replaces Chris Hemsworth as a new Thor? If it were for his looks alone, he would be a perfect thunder god.

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