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The promotions exposed that the Tuesday, March 13, finale will feature Kate and Toby’s wedding ceremony and a sight of Jack as an old man in his seventies. Gain active Instagram followers by speculating about the finale. Since Jack died when the kids were teenagers, it was motivating for the cast when they saw Ventimiglia draining the old-man prosthetics and makeup.

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“It was really, really cool to see him as an older Jack,” Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth Pearson on the NBC drama show. To gain active Instagram followers you should bring up this topic. For her, she says, it brings up very precise enquiries: “What would the possibility have been if he had lived? Him and Beth, what would their relationship be? You know, how close would they be?”

“It tugs at my own heart strings because when I watch the show, I’m so invested in Jack. His character is one of my favorites. And so it really pulled at my heart strings to see him older,” she continues. “It just reminds you of how unfair things can happen in life, take somebody away before their time. What would it have been like if that person actually had lived and had the fullness of their life? So I really feel like it’s going to be, seeing him in that way, it’s really going to be very heartwarming, but also it might bring some tears and I know for me … and I’m not a big crier, but it really was very emotional.”

“It’s not easy knowing that her mom wants to give up custody, like, ‘What do we do now? … And how do we tell Deja? Are we able to adopt [her]? Is this a situation where she might have to end up back, you know, in state custody and those types of things?’ The challenge continues,” Watson explained.

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