Vegan Sushi Burger Takes Instagram Over

Food trends are one of the major Instagram themes ever. Whether it be healthy, vegan, raw, meaty, tasty, sweet, visually attractive or simply normal food, it is one of the most popular things to get posted on Instagram. Of course, many accounts are there to spread healthier eating, to make people aware of food-related decisions, such as becoming vegan, stopping eating so much sugar, drinking water instead of sodas and challenging themselves with intricate recipies.

One ofthe people who gets followed because of food is Sam, from Melbourne. Her Instagram account @sobeautifullyraw is being followed by nearly 65K people,having almost 250 pictures proving their ability when it comes to cuisine. However, she’s become much more popular over the last week because of one of her dishes – a burger.

The picture in question has been loked nearly 22K times. It depicts a burger, but you’ll have to take some things and let some others in to achieve the same results Sam got. The “food creatrix,” as she defines herself, substituted bread with rice, meat with vegan, jackfruit-made “chicken,” pickles with pickled ginger, ketchup with vegan mayonnaise and teriyaki, on top of which she added red cabbage.

The sushi burger, or the Yummy-Messy Duality The sushi burger, or the Yummy-Messy Duality

As you’ll have already guessed after seeing the picture, eating this burger the way you would eat a regular one can be pretty messy.  That’s why Sam recommends to eat it as if it were a proper sushi dish, with chopsticks – or a fork. The burger, as she’s said, is “just for fun.”

Even though, it seems to have caught on: if you look at the pictures tagged #sushiburger, you’ll see that many more people have given a try to this recipe, even modified it so that it’s possible to eat it with your bare hands. Will you give it a try? And, most importantly – will you use chopsticks or your hands?


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