Video Revolution on Instagram

Always trying to become better for users, Instagram has introduced some changes every now and then, such as the format change of pictures, which went from being totally square to being rectangular, or the change that affected the newsfeed display. Now, two changes that affect Instagram videos have been implemented.

FIrst of all, videos are going to be longer. The company’s official blog has confirmed that it will be able for users to upload videos up to 60 seconds long. In the next months, the 400 million Instagram users will be able to enjoy this new feature of their favorite image-related social network.

Instagram's getting more and more video-y! Instagram’s getting more and more video-y!

The move was made after Instagram knew that videos are now 40% more popular than they were six months ago. This, and the fact that those who use the app on an IOS mobile will be able to create clips using the pictures in their phones, is a confirmation that Instagram is giving more and more importance to audiovisuals.

Apart from that, Instagram has also included video channels in the “Explore” section; the new subsection will be called “Videos that you might like.” Apart from more audiovisual, Instagram is becoming more and more customized, offering people content it thinks they’ll like.

After having been criticized for altering the way content was displayed, they have been cautious this time and have included the option not to see this video recommendations. The app will learn from what users like and dislike, offering them to see things that they’ll surely like.

This new tool will be available from version 7.20 on, and will be only available for users in the US. However, it will reach the whole world some time later. For those of you who are not in the US and would like to see what the tool is like, the only option is to wait.

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