Wanna Go Shopping? Stay on Instagram

Since Facebook owns Instagram, many changes have been implemented in the way the latter works. First it was with some subdivisions in the app, new features such as Stories or changes in the overall appearance of the network. Now, Mark Zuckerberg’s empire has made a move related to advertising, one of Facebook’s aims since a long time ago. This has led to a previous speculation that has become a reality – you can already go shopping on Instagram.

The strategy is simple yet very effective. Imagine you see a picture of someone you follow, andyoulike the outfit they’re wearing. Normally, what influencers would do would be to include a link to the pieces of clothing that make up that outfit, and get paid by the brands or the boutiques for advertising. However, in order to get what you saw on Instagram you had to actually get out of Instagram.

Do you like her outfit? You'll be able to get the same one without having toleave Instagram
Do you like her outfit? You’ll be able to get the same one without having toleave Instagram

Now that’s over– thanks to an agreement with 20 companies, advertisers will be able to promote their products inside the app. It’s not however an invasive feature. The product tags are not immediately visible, users are required to push a certain button in order to see them. That way, neither the picture nor the experience get ruined.

It is expected that this will promote collaboration between brands and influencers, in order to boost sales inside the app. However, even though it may seem strange, Instagram will let all the benefit go to both the brand and the influencer. The app has given up on earning by doing that – it’s calculated that the advertising revenue will be much higher than that potential benefit.

This integration of networking and advertising had already been tried out in Facebook, where users can already order their food on delivery.com or buy concert tickets through Ticketmaster.

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