What Can We Learn about Instagram from an 80-Year-Old?

What Can We Learn about Instagram from an 80-Year-Old?

We’ve already talked about the way elders see Instagram. They come from a world where the Internet was not even a dream, and some have taken the opportunity our times have given them to dive in the marvelous world of the net and of social media. Specifically, María Barajas, a Mexican woman, dove in and doesn’t want to get out.

Everything started because of her children. “Instead of doing what I used to do some years ago – waving, painting, reading, writing – their fingers were always stuck to a cellphone screen.” In summer 2012, Donají, one of her daughters, who already had an account (@donnazvl), created one for María (@marybrjs). Then, an amazing adventure started.

Sinrisings and sunsetting are some of María's favorite themes. Sunrises and sunsettings are some of María’s favorite themes.

“Mom, you’re criticizing us because you don’t know that you can see places and people from all around the world there,”Donají told her. Four years later, María is nearly 80 years old (she’ll be in December 2016). On average, she takes 50 pictures everyday, of which only four or five get posted. “I spend the whole day taking pictures and I’m very happy – I feel like I’m younger. Now it’s my daughters who ask me how my fingers are going.”

She’s so far posted more than 4,900 pictures and is currently being followed by 6,656 people. One of the things she likes the most about Instagram are likes. “I’m astounded when that happens, when they mention me. They encourage me to take more pictures.”

Then came a new camera (a semiprofessional Nikon) and a photography course from mid-2014 to 2015. One of the things she enjoys taking pictures of are landscapes. “I’m obsessed with the moon, I’m a selenophile. Although I’m also very fond of Wolkswagen and Sedan cars since I was very young.”

Sixty years, seven children, sixteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren after taking her first pictures when she was 19, this woman hasn’t lost her passion for picturing reality.

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