What Your Instagram Pictures Say about Your Age

What Your Instagram Pictures Say about Your Age

Do you consider your mental and physical ages to be similar? Are you a 20-year-old trapped in a 40-year-old body? Are you older mentally than you appear physically? Your Instagram photos tell the truth. According to a research by the Penn State University, the way in which younger and older people use social media defines them – and, of course, there are some who diverge from what they’re supposed to do. Which one are you? Let’s try and find!

If you think you could hide your age from the Penn State University scientists, you were utterly wrong. Everybody knew, or at least suspected, that depending on your age you’d use social networks in different ways – but now these differences have become evident. While millenials have transformed them into a source for news (about their favorite celebrities, politicians, the world, the sports world, etc.), seniors see them as a medium to keep in touch with their beloved ones.

There are also some specific behaviors. Teenagers, or those who have a living teenager inside, take less time to give an answer to a comment (7.2 minutes on average), while adults show a longer answer-span (about 20 minnutes). Is it because they are not on social media as long as youths?

Youths and seniors – together on Instagram, but with different aims
Youths and seniors – together on Instagram, but with different aims

Also, teenagers and young adults tend to upload less pictures than adults – even if it sounds incredible! They may have less pictures, but those who have made it to their profile are full of likes and comments. They tend to delete those which aren’t successful enough, i.e. those which have not obtained enough comments or likes.

Finally, older people tend to post various kinds of content. They don’t have a path. Youths, on the other hand, share pictures related to their feelings, their current mood or what’s happening around them.

Knowing all of this, do you consider a youth or an adult on Instagram?


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