Why Did Kendall Jenner Leave Instagram?

Why Did Kendall Jenner Leave Instagram?

A fact has suddenly struck the Instagram community – Kendall Jenner is leaving the social network. Many see this as the consequence of her femily’s late issues, while others think she is just going through a digital detox. How did it happen and what will happen next?

`Kendall Jenner surprised everyone when she left Instagram
Kendall Jenner surprised everyone when she left Instagram

Though three days have already passed, people are still wondering the motivations behind this decision. Many have said that it could simply be a marketing strategy in order to get attention from the media, or even the consequence of an attack by a hacker. Things are changing for the Kardashians, who have turned from ever-present celebrities in the net to real-world people in just a matter of months.

Stop wondering, though, as Kendall Jenner herself has unveiled the mystery. On Elle DeGeneres’ show she has said something that her more than 70 million followers were in need of hearing – she did it because she wanted to detox.

Getting up in the morning, the first thing she did was check her profile, and it was also the last thing she used to do before going to bed. She felt it as a symptom of dependency, and as if Instagram was controlling her life. Also, she said that she thought nobody would care if she left. Not only was she important for her fanbase, but also for companies who promoted their products through her profile.

She’s put away her `phone and is much more focused on real life, facing and interacting with people around her. She’s enjoying this liberty as much as she can, but this isn’t a definite goodbye. “I’ll be back,” she said, though she doesn’t know when it will be.

At least, for her fans, that’s something good. Even though we don’t know it for sure, someday we’ll see Kendall back on Instagram. Let’s hope it doesn’t take her too long.


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