You’ll Be Able to Live-Stream on Instagram

You’ll Be Able to Live-Stream on Instagram

If there’s something that makes Instagram different from other apps, that’s the fact that it never stops innovating. It no longer is an app focused around images. After launching Instagram Stories, Mark Zuckerberg has decided to go one step further and let users broadcast live videos.  No matter what you need – you’ll be able to talk to your followers or send direct messages that include video footage.

Instagram, the ever-changing app
Instagram, the ever-changing app

Yesterday we knew that two new ways of using videos on Instagram were going to be implemented soon. First, you’ll be able to record yourself live on Instagram Stories; secondly, you’ll be able to send short, short-lived videos on Direct.

Last August they launched Instagram Stories as a way for users to share their everyday moments, not only what they wish to post permanently onto their profiles. More than 100 million people use it daily around the world. And its live video function will be as easy to use as its mome feature. You’ll just have to tap on the specific button you’ll see when opening Instagram Stories. Followers will receive a notification so that they can watch the video. They’ll be able to add comments and like the video just as it’s streaming. Once it ends, the story will disappear from the app, so that users will be more comfortable and share whatever they want thenever they want.

Users will also be able to send private short-lived videos to private, individual or group conversations. This feature, unlike the one we’ve talked about before, is already available for every user in the world. However, unlike other Direct messages, pictures and videos will vanish once they’ve been seen.

Instagram has said that both features share a goal – to offer people more flexibility so that they can record and share every important moment.

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