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Instagram seems to have discovered improvements in the last weeks. From time to time, the popular picture-sharing app introduces some improvements on its layout or its way of working. They introduced Stories, the Snapchat lookalike function which deletes pictures after they’ve been taken. Now the turn has come for those who stack their noses to their phones to see pictures in detail to praise the app – there is, at last, a way to zoom in.

From yesterday on, users using Instagram from iOS devices have been able to zoom into pictures. Those using the app from Androind will have to wait some weeks to be able to use it. According to a press note, you’ll be able to zoom in and out on pictures just as you do with your regular smartphne – using two fingers. If there’s anyone not very sure about it, Instagram has a 10-second explanation video.

Instagram has come a long, long way since it was created in 2010
Instagram has come a long, long way since it was created in 2010

According to stuff from the social network, this has been one of the most demanded features in the history of Instagram. However, as we already said, not the whole user community will benefitiate from it from the scratch. After changing its general layout – we had to say goodbye to the vintage camera, which got replaced by a stylized version of itself and turned pink, yellow and lilac into the new colors of the app – and introducing Stories, which some claim to be a copy of Snapchat, with which it shares its way of working – uploading a picture and having it be deleted some time later –, Instagram has given users something they had been asking for for centuries.

What will be Instagram’s next step? The truth is no one knows. Maybe it’ll be a new feature, but it could also be another layout change.

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